Cosmetic Mole Removal

Most moles are benign and can be left alone. Occasionally, the appearance of a benign mole might be upsetting to you. In this instance, removal can immediately improve things, but sometimes the scar from an excision can be more disfiguring than the original mole. At Gold Coast Skin Clinic, we have specialised equipment and techniques for cosmetic mole removal that involves no cutting, stitching, or bleeding, and very little, if any, scarring. There is also very little discomfort.

Injections for Wrinkles (Crow’s feet, Frown, and Forehead)

Using a purified form of Botulinus Toxin A (BTX), the doctors at Gold Coast Skin Clinic can gently relax the small muscles of facial expression that cause forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. This very safe, very simple procedure can be done in the office with no down time, and dramatic results. All BTX procedures at Gold Coast Skin Clinic are performed by doctors.

Dermal Fillers

Deeper lines around the mouth and cheeks can be treated by the use of dermal fillers. This refers to a range of products that physically fill the tissues under a line to lessen its appearance. At Gold Coast Skin Clinic we use a product that naturally occurs in the body and is extremely safe. The technique is also very safe, and can easily be performed in a lunch break, although occasionally you may need a day for things to settle down. We use advanced products with built-in anaesthetic, so there is no need for separate anaesthetic injections. All dermal filler procedures at Gold Coast Skin Clinic are performed by doctors.